How to Stay Motivated (and Sane) During Your Job Hunt

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Forget climbing Mount Everest; climbing through endless job listings, finessing resumes, writing piles of cover letters, and perfecting your interview smile can be rough enough. And you don't even get to take a selfie on top of a mountain when you're done.

But your job hunt doesn't have to be a gargantuan task. Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years as an interviewer...Who knows, they might just help you stay motivated to land your dream job!

Figure out what you’re passionate (and not passionate) about.

If all goes well, the job you pursue could be your career for the rest of your life. You don't want to settle for any old job with a paycheck; being able to do something you love every day will end up being so much more rewarding than your salary. This is where things get fun! Once you make your dream job wish list, you can go shopping for a perfect position for you. And who doesn't love shopping? When your excitement and passion is genuine, it will come through in your application and interview. That is one of the most desired traits your interviewer is looking for.

Create a list of companies that you’d love to work for.

Keep a wish list of potential employers and check their job pages often so you can be one of the first to jump on open positions. Follow the company's social media presence and interact with them when appropriate--you will get noticed!  Networking within the company and creating a personal connection can be one of your most valuable job search tools. If you already have any connections to anyone who works for the company, reach out to them. They may be able to score you an interview and even put in a good word. But make sure to never go overboard, because the last thing you want to do is look desperate. Which brings me to my next point . . .

Don’t be desperate.

It will definitely show in your interviews and may actually turn employers off. You want your potential employer to know that you care about the company, not that you are willing to take any position with a paycheck. A certain amount of desperation can also lead to you undervaluing yourself. Make sure you are calm, cool, collected and know exactly what you're looking for in your position.

Get involved.

Join local meet ups and groups that are relevant to your profession and network away! It will open up new opportunities that otherwise you may not have known about, and will help you create valuable personal connections that will help you throughout your career. Showing potential employers that you are active within the field in your free time will prove to them that you are up on the latest and greatest, and that you're truly passionate about your career.

Set yourself apart.

Let your personality and passion come through! Creating personal websites and unique applications can be one of the most fun parts of the job hunting process. Turn your resume into a video, a gift basket, even a personalized bottle of beer. It won't guarantee you the job, but it will certainly ensure that your resume is looked at and remembered. Make sure you are familiar enough with the company before applying to make sure your creative application fits the aesthetic of your potential employers.

Realize the ball is as much in your court as it is the potential employers.

It may start out with you courting the employers, but make sure to ask the right questions and be fully aware of the position before blindly accepting. Let them court you for a bit! It needs to be a fit for both parties for a hire to be successful. And it's not just about how the position fits your professional needs; the office culture and social environment is just as important for a successful career move. Would you go to a baseball game with your future co workers? If not, it might not be a good culture fit. This is the start of a potential lifelong career, and you don't want to make that decision lightly.

Be yourself.

There is nothing worse than interviewing a candidate with a fake, plastered-on smile and scripted responses. Leave the “interview actor” at home and just be yourself! Be completely honest about who you are, what are you capable of, and what you are willing to learn. Don’t lie about your background and your skill set; if you are hired, it will get found out sooner than later and it will be a letdown for you and your employer. Your genuine personality and passion is your most valuable asset while job hunting, let them shine through!

Keep a positive attitude.

This could be the beginning of an extremely long process, but don't let rejection keep you down! Use each interview and job application as a learning opportunity, and never be afraid to ask for advice or constructive criticism from employers who decided to go in another direction. Your dream is out there, keep searching with a smile!

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