6 Brand Values You’ll Want To Steal For Yourself

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It’s no secret that having strong brand values is the key to fostering a healthy company culture and aligning your employees on what is important at your core.

If you do not have the right values set in place, it’s hard to know how you should be working, where your priorities should lie, and even what you should be working towards. For many companies, brand values are what set your employees in the right direction at work. But a lot of the common values that are out there — work smarter, not faster; fail fast; come with a can-do attitude — are also really powerful, motivational values that you should bring into your personal life, as well as your professional one.

If you are looking to motivate yourself at home, whether you’re searching for a career path you’re truly passionate about, you’re tackling a personal problem that you’ve hit a wall on, or you simply want a little inspiration to kick-start your busy week, we’ve got a few brand values that you may want to steal for your own life. While these inspiring values may inspire some of the best and the brightest companies to work better, they may actually be more applicable to your own life than you think. Read on!

1. “Don’t be evil.” – Google

You would hope that the philosophy “don’t be evil” would be common courtesy for companies who provide services to the masses, especially those who play such a major role in our day-to-day life. Therefore, it’s reassuring to know that Google, a company that has access to the personal information of millions, has ingrained “don’t be evil” into all that they do. Aside from the fact that it’s just an overall good philosophy to have, they chose this particular value because they believe that, in the long term, they will be better served if they do good things for the world, even if they have to forgo some short term gains.

This is a great philosophy to bring into your own life as well. While there will surely be opportunities along your journey for you to take the easy way out, or to find success by taking a less-than-admirable action, don’t be evil. Karma will reward you for your actions in the long run, both good and bad.

2. “Anything worth doing is worth doing with WOW!” – Zappos

Wowing someone takes a lot of work. You must do something unexpected, something different, something remarkable, and something innovative. This short, simple three-letter word is what Zappos hopes to achieve whenever they deliver something, whether it’s internally to their employees, or externally to their partners and customers. It’s the wow-factor that will keep these people excited and coming back for more.

You should strive to receive the same reaction whenever you complete a task in your day-to-day life. Cooking up a new dish to serve at your family dinner? Throw a little wow-factor in by adding something unexpected. Writing a recommendation for a co-worker or former employee? Go above and beyond to help them achieve their dreams. Want to do something nice for your significant other? Show them how much you really care by being a little unconventional. After all, if it’s not worth wowing them, is it really worth doing at all?

3. “Values are what we value.” – Netflix

Sometimes you don’t need a clever saying, catchphrase or brand value to express that you should do your best in all that you do. For Netflix, it’s more about the actual behaviors and skills within their employees that are valued the most, such as selflessness, honesty, passion, courage, innovation, curiosity, impact, communication and judgment. Good people filled with good values are enough to drive the brand on their own.

These same values should also be the ones that drive you as a person to do good throughout your day-to-day life. Be selfless with your time and compassion, be passionate in your job and your hobbies, be curious about everything, and always sustain innovation throughout each and every project you take on. Sometimes, just being a good person with strong values is enough!

4. “Live the spirit of challenge.” – Twilio

There is a popular saying that you’ve probably seen pop up on your Pinterest board or Instagram a time or two — “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” This is the same kind of philosophy behind Twilio’s #1 brand value. They believe that if their ambitions and goals are not terrifying, difficult or overly ambitious, they are not pushing themselves enough. And that’s a great way for a company to grow! Tackling hard problems is what helps you to become better at what you do and explore new territory that you’d never even dreamed of.

The same exact thing can be said for your personal life. Your dreams should be so big that they scare the daylights out of you. They should keep you up at night with both a healthy mix of excitement and anxiety. They should push you farther than you’ve ever dreamed possible and should have you swinging for the stars. The spirit of the challenge will make you a better and stronger person in the long run.

5. “Curiosity is king.” – Goodtwin

Goodtwin’s primary focus at their company is expanding their skill set and constantly experimenting with new methods. They can do this because they are constantly open to learning, growing, and uncovering more about themselves and their industry. They understand that, if they close themselves off to growing and do not adapt to new technology around them, they will soon just be a blip on the ever growing path of culture and technology.

This same motivation and fear should also encourage you to make curiosity and learning an everyday aspect of your own life. We live in a time where everything around us is constantly being updated, expanded upon, refreshed and made better. If you do not take the time to open up your mind to growth, you will soon be left behind

6. “The power of a great idea can change the world.” – Hello Innovation

Here at Hello Innovation, we aim high, think big and reach beyond what most people think is possible. If there is one thing that we value above anything else, it is imagination and using that imagination to create life-changing products. We’re not here to create something that is average or that you’ve seen before. We’re here to change the world (and we’re just crazy enough to think that we can).

Practicing this kind of thinking in your everyday life not only helps you to bust down barriers and shake up the norm, but it also helps to ensure that you’re really making an impact on the world… no matter what it is you want to do!

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