How The Hello Innovation Office Inspires Constant Creativity & Innovation

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Hello Innovation’s Detroit HQ isn’t your average office.

When you step foot into it, you’ll be taken on a wild journey full of crazy sculptures, tropical plants, hammocks, brightly colored walls, ambient music and eclectic Baroque furniture that looks like it came straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

There’s a reason we designed our space to be bright, open and colorful and it isn’t just for looks. It’s actually engineered to inspire innovation and creativity.

Don’t believe us? Here are nine ways the environment at Hello Innovation encourages us to do the best damn work of our lives:

We embrace chaos in our open office environment

Don’t be surprised if you hear a product manager and copywriter shouting across the room to each other or if you see our CEO discussing our newest product over ping-pong. Our open office environment allows us to collaborate whenever and wherever. Plus, when your co-workers are your friends, having the freedom to walk by their desk and give them a quick high five at any time of the day makes work way more fun.

We’re just a bunch of peas in a pod

At Hello Innovation, cubicles scare the hell out of us. Why? Because we know that true innovation involves collaboration. That’s why we opted out of boring cubicles and instead went for open workstations. Each team is grouped together in a “pod” so that we can ask questions and bounce ideas off of each other.

We celebrate our progress with data-driven dashboards

Talk a walk by each of our pod stations and within two seconds you can see just how much ass we’re kicking, thanks to our killer dashboards. Our dashboards show off how we’re stacking up against our KPI’s (key performance indicators) and help us stay focused on the most impactful tasks at hand. Work is only fun if you can celebrate your progress and learn from your mistakes, and that’s exactly what our dashboards help us do.

3d printer

Our 3D printer is just one tool we use at Hello Innovation to help us explore and create.

We give you the tools you need to succeed

Think you’ll work better with a giant digital sketch board or sitting on an exercise ball? No problemo. Providing the tools you need to be successful is super important to us. That’s why we hook our employees up with everything from dual monitors, Apple Pros and Red Epics to the latest and greatest software and systems. Oh, and did we mention our 3D printer? It’s safe to say we don’t mess around when it comes to workplace tools for success.

The Alice In Wonderland room, one of our many meeting spaces in the office..

The Alice In Wonderland room, one of our many meeting spaces in the office.

Our crazy themed rooms actually make meetings fun

Along with our open office environment, we also have several meeting rooms that allow us to collaborate without interrupting others. We have an Alice in Wonderland room, a Hollywood room, a Lego room (complete with a table made of 30,000 legos), a music studio and even an Innovation Laboratory. They each inspire a different mood with their eclectic design and bright colors, which is why we’d be lying if we said we didn’t regularly come up with excuses to hang out in them.

We know that smart doesn’t wear a suit

Jeans are our version of a suit and tie and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our come-as-you-are environment is the reason why we love coming to work everyday. You don’t have to be anyone but yourself. Who likes coding in pantyhose and cuff links, anyway?


We play just as hard as we work

Who decided you need to be a workaholic to do something remarkable? Not us, that’s for sure. Want to take a break and swing on our Andy Warhol skateboard swings? Go ahead. Want to take a ride on one of our bikes then challenge a team member a game of ping-pong? No one’s stopping you. We know hard work deserves a break, which is why we always find an excuse to kick back, relax, order in some killer food and have a few drinks. And if you haven’t heard yet, we’re known to throw some pretty epic birthday and holiday parties, complete with a DJ/ violinist, and our CEO appearing in some sort of crazy costume.

Learning is our #1 priority

We believe knowledge is power, which is why we host monthly Lunch N’ Learns (which almost always involve the infamously delicious Supino’s Pizza). We also encourage all employees to check out the latest industry happenings, we’ll even cover the cost! Every day brings a new learning opportunity, and we’re here to help you embrace it.

Some of our HI team enjoying healthy (but not so delicious) wheat grass shots.

Some of our HI team enjoying healthy (but not so delicious) wheat grass shots.

We help you stay fueled throughout the day

We want to help you start and end your day the right way. Whether it’s with a Nespresso cappuccino, a freshly juiced wheatgrass shot or an iced cold beer, we’ve got you covered. Our kitchen is always stocked to the brim with whatever you need to fuel yourself.

Come work with us!

We’re looking for rockstars to join our team. Search our job listings here and find one that that fits you. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Apply anyway, we’re always on the lookout for top talent!


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