10 Things Everyone Should Know About Hello Innovation

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1. It all started with birthday banners.

Even though Hello Innovation didn’t come to be until 2001, our CEO, Joe Joachim, was innovating way before then. By the time he was in fourth grade, Joey started thinking about how he can help people celebrate life’s moments through technology. So, he convinced his parents to buy him a Tandy TL computer and started a birthday banner printing business making $70/week! It didn’t last long though... his parents shut it down after people started showing up on his doorstep.


2. We’re self funded.

At the young age of 19, our CEO bootstrapped Hello Innovation with no outside funding. Since his humble beginnings, Joey wanted to be the one shaping the future of his company rather than money-driven venture capitalists. Joey’s “passion is the fuel, money is the byproduct” mentality has been the key to our success. Through more than a decade, we’ve not only remained debt-free... but we’re also growing like crazy.


3. We’re true Detroiters.

We’re a diverse group - hailing everywhere from New York to London to Argentina, but we still share the same passion for the D. That’s why we spend our summers drinking Faygo Pop on the Great Lakes, and our winters eating Coney Dogs at Red Wing’s games.  We’re proud to be headquartered in Detroit, but we're even more proud to be a part of the largest movement to put our city back on the map!


4. But we’re going international.

While our headquarters are in the middle of the action in the “D”, we’re also spreading our wings internationally. We have offices in tech hubs throughout the world, including Porto Alegre, Bangalore, and Karnataka Hyderabad Pradesh, India.



5. We are NOT an agency.

It’s true, Hello Innovation has a knack for design. After all, we strive to make design the foundation of our company. But just because we’re a design-driven company doesn’t mean that we’re an agency...


6. Instead, we create businesses from the ground-up.

It’s true, rather than working with clients, we are our own clients. In the last decade, we’ve built a portfolio of brands in a variety of spaces including event planning, UAV’s, the funeral profession, and eCommerce. The best part is, we’re just getting started!


7. Which means we don’t have a corporate bone in our bodies.

Our come-as-you-are environment is one of the reasons why we love going to work everyday. You don’t have to be anyone but yourself, and it’s more fun that way. Who likes working in pantyhose and cuff links, anyways?



8. We work as hard as we play.

You’d be living in a cave if you didn’t know the saying “work hard, play hard”.  We live by it, and take it seriously. Besides, who decided you need to be a workaholic to do something remarkable? Not us, that’s for sure. You’re empowered to work as long as you feel you need to. Got a huge project keeping you up all night? That’ll happen. Wanna take an impromptu vacation to Costa Rica? No one’s stopping you. Our flexible hours empower us to focus on iteration and getting shit done, not time sheets.


9. Oh, and we ditch business plans too.

We don’t wait for the perfect plan, product or solution. We ditch the 12-month business plans and overbearing processes.We can’t guess if our latest invention is going to be successful until we put it in our customer’s hands. That’s why we release early, test often and continuously improve along the way.


10. Did we mention we’re growing like crazy?

Last year, we saw 400% revenue growth, and the train’s not stopping! If you have the change-the-world mentality it takes to make an impact with us, don’t be shy.


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