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"Not your average office" is quite the understatement when it comes to working at Hello Innovation.

But our crazy office environment and amazing culture didn’t just happen on accident. Everything single element of our office was engineered to encourage happiness and creativity.

I always say “collaboration breeds innovation”, which is why you won’t find a wall in sight. So don’t be surprised if you hear a product manager and copywriter shouting across the room to each other, or if you see our Director of Design and CTO discussing our newest product over ping-pong. Our loud, chaotic office beats the heck out of stuffy cubicles, and we like it that way.

Crazy things happen at Hello Innovation.

Every. Single. Day. In fact, I don’t think there’s a day that goes by where people who visit our office and say:


Instead of a reality TV series, we bring you our “Day in the Life” series, where you’ll find pictures, videos and conversations that document the crazy things that happen behind-the-scenes.

Since we’re polite, we’ll start this series off by giving you a little tour of the office. Follow us by scrolling down!

First thing’s first. The minute you step foot into our office you’ll be greeted with none other than these awesome breakdancing lessons. We figure if you’re going to come in, you might as well have the skills you need to make a fantastic impression.


Next, we’ll make our way to our kitchen (while breakdancing, of course). Care for a wheatgrass shot to start the day? We promise it’s not the grass from our lawn (or do we!?).


Now that you’ve got your chlorophyll fix for the day, time to use your brain. Join us for a brainstorming sesh at our infamous Lego table.

Can you guess how many Legos are in our conference room table? (HINT: it’s between 1 and infinity).


OK, who’s hungry? We are, that’s for sure. We love food a little too much here at HI, so it’s not untypical for us to have Slow’s famously delicious BBQ or our favorite go-to, Loco’s Tacos, brought into the office on any given day.

But you’re just in luck! Today, we’re hosting one of our Lunch n’ Learns and chowing down on our favorite pizza, Supino’s...


Feeling like you’re going to be in a carb coma after learning about social media and munching down on slices of pizza as big as your arm? Well, you’ve got 2 options...

Either take the lazy route and enjoy a little afternoon “siesta” on our hammock... or ping pong it off (just don’t think you’ll beat my famous “Hurricane” paddle for one second)...


Well, we hate to be rude, but as you can see, we’ve got a lot of serious work to do...


But, thanks for stopping by! And before you go, grab a beer for the road (you’re taking the People Mover right?!).


Enjoy your tour of  Hello Innovation?

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