7 Jaw-Dropping Detroit Instagram Accounts You NEED to Follow

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It’s no secret to anyone that lives in or around Detroit that the city is experiencing a resurgence in a big way. From the entrepreneurs and startups that are now flocking to the city for its creative energy, to the restoration of some of Detroit’s most noteworthy areas, one thing is obvious — Detroit is coming back, bigger and better than ever before.

One of the coolest things about Detroit rising from the ashes (aside from proving the doubters wrong) is that us Detroiters get to experience first-hand how our city is beginning to feel like home again. Every day that you visit Detroit, another shop is opening its doors, another city block is fostering a new community, and people walking around have  a new spark in their step that just makes you excited to be a part of this change.

Detroit is building itself up again as one of the most creative, innovative and passionate communities in the world, and it’s producing some amazing moments that you can’t help but capture. Instagram has quickly become one of our favorite places to watch Detroit’s transformation and get an intimate look into the heart of Detroit’s comeback.

If you’re looking for an up-close and personal glimpse into the rebirth of this amazing city, we have put together a few of our favorite Detroit-based Instagram accounts that you need to follow! Each of the Detroiters behind these accounts has a different, unique glimpse into this city that they call home, and some of them were even nice enough to share what it is that inspires them to pick up their phone and document this great city. Take a look!


Born and raised in the city, Tony originally began taking photos of Detroit for his own enjoyment. However, the grit and realness of the photos he posted on Instagram soon began to draw a lot of attention and he gained a pretty large following. This caused him to begin shifting the focus of his photos to shed light on the problems that Detroit was facing. “Bringing awareness to the rest of the world about Detroit is my goal,” Tony told us. “As Detroit transforms back to a legitimate influence throughout the world, I will document it.”


The city of Detroit is teaming up with its residents on the official City of Detroit Instagram account to create a collaborative profile full of great pictures. By posting the many different photos that Detroiters submit to the account under one profile, it acts as a great collage of the different views and events happening throughout Detroit at any time. An all-around great Detroit photo collection. To get your photo featured on this awesome Detroit instagram account, simply snap an awesome photo of Detroit, write down a quick note about your photo, and send it to dc3@detroitmi.gov.


While many Detroit photographers choose to capture the grit and grime of the city’s destruction, Camera Jesus does just the opposite in many of his photos — he shows the true beauty, excitement and spark behind some of Detroit’s hidden gems. “I love creating images that show off our wonderful city,” he told us. “Photos have so much power when done right. They’re the closest thing to magic I can produce.” You can’t help but admire some of the beautiful shots that he takes (or admire the uncanny resemblance that he has to Jesus in some of his selfies… it’s not just a clever name).

While looking through his photos, it’s also exciting to see how adventurous and outrageous he can often be with some of his shots. When it comes to getting the perfect photograph, there are very few limits for him. We are such big admirers of Camera Jesus’s work that we’ve even collaborated with him on quite a few Hello Innovation projects! What can we say… we’re a fan!


While New Troit Apparel is actually a kick-a*$ clothing company here in the Motor City, their Instagram account also features a great collection of Detroit snaps alongside the awesome t-shirts they sell. Whether they are having lunch at Campus Martius, catching a Tigers game, or walking along the waterfront, the New Troit Apparel Instagram gives you a quick glimpse into the beautiful scenery that Detroiters get to experience every day. “My inspiration behind my photos is to simply show the beauty of Detroit that is often overshadowed by the stereotype of a decaying city,” Chance Lauver of New Troit Apparel told us.  "I try to capture the revitalization of the city through the unique parks, restaurants/bars, and sporting events that encompass Detroit, while still displaying the breathtaking view and architecture that Detroit has always offered.”


Detroit USA is another awesome collective Instagram account that gathers photos from people all around the Motor City who use the hashtag “#DetroitUSA” in their photos. The result is an Instagram profile packed full of unique snapshots that show off our city in the best possible light (and filters — it is Instagram after all). If you want to see your photo included in this awesome Instagram profile, be sure to tag your best Detroit photos with the hashtag #DetroitUSA!


Another office favorite of ours, director and photographer Andy Madeleine has worked with the Hello Aerial team many times, including working behind the camera at our music video shoot with Maejor Ali  of Jive Records and RCA Records (above). But what makes Andy’s Instagram photographs so brilliant is his minimalistic style and unique view behind the lens. “For me, photography is the way I observe and connect with the people, places and things around me. And for me, mobile photography has pushed me to look even more,” he told us. “Sometimes it’s inconvenient for me to carry around my DSLR, but I ALWAYS have my phone handy, and it’s become one of my go-to devices for candid street photography.”


For all of you Detroit foodies out there, there is no other Detroit Instagram profile that will make your mouth water and wake up your taste buds quite like Food Porn Detroit. The users behind this delicious Instagram profile travel around to some of Detroit’s hottest restaurants — from gourmet eateries to hole in the wall cafes that only true Detroiters know about — to tell you what you should be eating each week. “We here at Food Porn Detroit believe it’s our duty to showcase only the best experiences we encounter and make sure the establishment’s get full credit,” they told us. “We only support local and family owned business. We love real food from the heart and corporate establishments just don’t give you that feel, in our humble opinion.” Whatever you do, don’t look at their photos on an empty stomach!

Do you have a favorite Detroit-based Instagram account that takes bada$* photos of the Motor City? We want to see them!

Be sure to leave your favorite Detroit Instagram profiles in the comments below! Also be sure to follow our @HelloInnovation Instagram account for behind-the-scenes photos of what’s happening in our office, and our @HelloAerial Instagram for amazing aerial photos and videos of Detroit!


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